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From Wales-wide consultation projects to policy and PR advice, we can tailor our work entirely around you and your organisation.

Public Affairs and Communications


Re:cognition are public affairs and Comms experts. We've led a number of high-profile campaigns and consultations on behalf of Welsh Government and we're really proud of them!

We led on the Organ Donation legislation public engagement, the Children's Rights consultations and Relationships and Sexuality Education engagement. Our approach is always steeped in our company motto: Empowering People. 

We're here to make sure you and your organisation can help influence and implement positive policy change at every level of Government. 

Public Engagement


Public engagement can sometimes be tricky. It’s complicated to know and understand who to approach, how to ensure a diverse sample is used to incorporate all sections of society and where to meet. 

Re:cognition has the answers. This is what we do!


Our organisation has excellent communications with the various religious, community and engagement groups right across Wales.  

We’re also experienced lobbyists that work closely with Welsh Government and various Local Authorities.


Whatever you need to achieve, Re:cognition can help you succeed.

Equality and Diversity Training 

Empowering People

Re:cognition pride ourselves on bringing about transformative working cultures. We use a multitude of approaches, beginning with the individuals themselves.

As we all know, people learn in different ways, that’s why we adapt our approach to suit each individual. We have a number of specialised equality and training courses that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Whether its Equality and Diversity Training your looking for, or training for working with people with disabilities, Re:cognition does it all!

If you’re looking for something more specific course, please drop us a line.



Jon Luxton 

029 (20) 318095


Lu Thomas

029 (20) 318095

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